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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

PRICING + payment

All pricing is subject to change. Displayed pricing is shown at a pre-tax rate. Payment, including taxes, are due at the time of the scheduled session, in the form of cash or check, unless we have made arrangements. An additional 3% processing may be added to the price for those wishing to use PayPal.


photo delivery

Photos will be made available approximately two weeks after a session, for most sessions. Photos will be delivered digitally for you to download, and will not be provided on a physical device (flash drive, disc, etc.). You will have approximately 30 days to download your photos from the provided portal, at which time, they will be removed. Once your gallery has been removed, there will be a one-time re-upload fee of $5 if you need access to your photo set, in which case, photos will be made available for an additional 48-hours.


photo storage

After delivery, photos will be removed from the provided gallery. I reserve the right to use all images for my own marketing and promotional purposes. I am under no obligation to store or archive photos beyond one year from the time of the session. In the event of lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged file backups, I may not be held accountable in any way for providing additional backups or services.

All Rights reserved

All photos are copyrighted by Carly Navarrete photography, and may not be repurposed, sold, or reposted on photo sharing websites. In the event that photos are to be used in print publications, proper photo credit is required, along with website URL, in this manner:
Photo: Carly Navarrete /